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Increasing Mobility in the Trunk: Pelvis, Spine, and Ribcage
SKU: 0000012DVD


These Neuro-IFRAH® Video Course Material DVDs with included pictorial manual and instructional text cover the specific topics from the Neuro-IFRAH® Certification Course of:


*Guidelines for Stretching/Mobilization

*Increasing Mobility in the Trunk:

Increasing Lumbar Extension to Increase Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Increasing Lumbar Flexion to Increase Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Increasing Lateral Pelvic Tilt

Increasing Thoracic Extension

*Realignment of the Ribcage in the Anterior/Posterior Plane

*Realignment of the Ribcage to Decrease Lateral Flare

*Realignment of the Ribcage to Improve Vertical Alignment

Disc 1 of 1   2hour 8 minutes

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Trained/Certified/Advanced Trained Students


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Price: $100.00

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